Patient-Centered and Family-Friendly Care at Kentfield Hospital San Francisco

Empowering Patients and Their Families

At Kentfield Hospital San Francisco, we believe in providing patient-centered and family-friendly care. We understand that the journey to recovery can be challenging, and that’s why we strive to empower our patients and their family members to be active participants in the treatment process.

Our dedicated team members take the time to get to know each patient on a personal level. By understanding their unique needs, goals, and abilities, we are able to develop treatment programs that are tailored to their specific requirements.

Personalized Treatment Programs

No two patients are the same, and we recognize that. That’s why we focus on creating personalized treatment programs that address the individual needs of our patients. By involving our patients and their families in the decision-making process, we ensure that their goals and aspirations are taken into account.

Our team of healthcare professionals works closely with patients to set achievable recovery goals. We provide the necessary support and encouragement as they work towards these goals, celebrating milestones and successes along the way.

Celebrating Milestones Together

At Kentfield Hospital San Francisco, we believe in the power of celebrating milestones. We understand that every small achievement brings us closer to the ultimate goal of recovery. Whether it’s taking the first steps after surgery or regaining independence in daily activities, we are there to cheer our patients on.

We also involve family members in these celebrations, as we recognize the essential role they play in the recovery process. By including them in the journey, we strengthen the support system and create a positive environment for healing.

A Supportive Environment

Creating a family-friendly atmosphere is a priority at Kentfield Hospital San Francisco. We understand that the presence and involvement of loved ones can significantly impact a patient’s well-being and recovery. That’s why we encourage family members to actively participate in the treatment process.

Our team members provide education and resources to help family members understand the treatment plan and contribute to their loved one’s recovery. We also offer support and counseling services to address any concerns or questions they may have.


At Kentfield Hospital San Francisco, we are committed to providing patient-centered and family-friendly care. We believe that by empowering our patients and involving their families, we can create a supportive environment that promotes healing and recovery. Our personalized treatment programs, celebration of milestones, and focus on family involvement set us apart in delivering exceptional care.

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